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Well... I'm back here and there. As some have noticed, I've been showing up on Newgrounds here and there checking out submissions out of boredom.

Though don't really expect much in the way of animation from me. I no longer use flash, and have given up flash animation completely. I did continue the Virus Wars as a sprite comic:


Though the series has been in limbo for the last two years as life had pretty much stopped me from working on it for a long time. I might come back and work on the series, just to give it a proper ending. But other than that, don't expect a lot of activity from me.

Moving on

2014-02-06 12:45:50 by SS4FlameAlchemist

This has been a long time coming. I've lost my ability to animate because I'm back to my crappy laptop that can't use flash. I've moved out of my dad's house and no longer have access to my brother's computer. The Virus Wars animation is dead. And I don't really plan on doing much else as far as sprite animation, since people hate sprite animations with a passion nowadays. Unless I get a tablet and learn to draw or something, I doubt I'll be animating anymore. It's just far more trouble than it's worth. Sprites are dead, and that's the end of it. Ever since the gamecube era, sprites have been falling further and further.

Good news though. I do plan to continue Virus Wars the comic soon. Once I get the sprites I need, I'm going to be making comics again. I will probably be sprite comicing from now on (I know it's not much better than animation though).

I may at some point try to make a game if I can get my flash working though. But I'm sure that won't be until I have enough money to get a new computer. Which won't be anytime soon.

Here is the link to my profile where I post my sprite comics. VIrus wars is the one I'm trying to concentrate on, but I have plans for other sprite comics soon. Some of which will not be Megaman style.


Most of the authors I've been watching and waiting for stuff are dead now as well, so there's not really much of a reason to stay here anymore. I will keep up with few series that are still alive, but as you might be able to tell in the past, I don't post anything often anymore.

So... Later guys... I doubt I'll ever be an active member here again, but I will be checking now and then for the series I've been following.


2013-05-09 16:20:10 by SS4FlameAlchemist

Life's been intervening on me lately, but I am still alive. I am not going to lie though. There's only a few authors left on newgrounds that are keeping me from leaving. Hopefully, I can restart my flash series once I get my personal life in order. I may be planning some animations in the future just to keep things interesting. Oh and here's a screenshot of Virus Wars Episode 1. I HAVE made a little progress since I got flash working. Thanks to my brother getting a new computer.



2012-08-23 14:35:32 by SS4FlameAlchemist

Even more delays. I've been in kansas since my family in denver hasn't found a place yet. I'm going to start my new job on monday. Normally, not bad, just means a little less time for animating. BUT. I lost flash again. And my method of reinstalling the software did not succeed.


For now, Virus Wars is a sprite comic. Since I do have time for making comics, I'm doing it this way for now. I will eventually do the animated series, just once things finally calm down and I can figure out why flash hates me so goddamn much.

The good news is, I finally fixed flash so that I can use it and still update my flash player. I haven't restarted on Virus Wars Episode 1 yet, since I'm actually getting ready to move at the end of the week and will be mia for a few weeks. Hopefully, once I'm all settled in, I can give this my full attention again, outside of work of course. It has been a while, but hopefully, thinks will be on track, and I'll REALLY be able to get back into my projects.

I will more than likely also be helping ricstrife with his sonic 15th part 4 as well. Mostly in the form of voice acting. Hopefully my voice doesn't suck too much.

I do need some custom sprites for my series that no one else seems to be able to do, or isn't interested. Anyone who can sprite in the 32 bit MMX (MMX4-X6 style), I do need some custom sprites done. Mostly just edits, no matter how I try, i can never do anything beyond simple frankensteins. Most edits are still out of my ability. If you can do it, pm me.

All in all, I still need a new computer, but I can make due with this one until it dies completely. I fixed the blue screen of death so that it won't do it anymore, and now my flash is working. So, I'm doing pretty good at this point. I'm moving from new mexico to colorado at the end of the week. I'm stopping in Kansas on the way to visit my dad and will probably not be here at all. But, I am still alive.


2011-07-10 02:28:03 by SS4FlameAlchemist

All projects are on an indefinite hold.

My computer is getting the blue screen of death. And I don't have any money to repair or buy a new one. I hope to be back in business within the next few months. Hopefully. I'm going to be looking into a new job where I will make more money so I can fix this thing, or get a new computer. I might make some updates here and there, but unfortunately, nothing is probably going to happen anytime soon. My computer also no longer supports CS3. I can use CS3 only as long as I don't update Flash Player to 10, then I loose the capability to use flash CS3 altogether. I have to find a way around it or update my flash program to cs5 (which I won't do because I hated cs4)

This really hurts me. Virus wars is a series that I have planned for a long time and I finally have almost everything I need except for some custom sprites that a friend is doing for me. I was really excited about starting the series and now I can't. I just looked and realized my last flash was about a year and a half ago. I only got thirty seconds into the opening fight, and honestly, it just isn't what I wanted. I was hoping to at least be into the second half by now. Anyway.... That's what's going on.

Virus Wars is on hold for awhile. I have been having a lot of problems with my computer and now can't open flash even after reinstalling. I hope to have a new computer when I get my tax money so I can get back to work. I have many great ideas for the series that I hadn't planned on starting to come up in my head. If it weren't for the good ideas that I have been having, my series probably would die pretty quick. I had originally planned for the Nightmare X story to happen right after MMX6 in the storyline, but chose the time period of between command mission and the elf wars because I had access to more villains and heroes. Along with the fact I will be bridging gaps between the X series and the Elf Wars. I hope to get back on the horse again in a few months when I have a new computer and by then, I will have the motivation to actually do it.


2010-10-22 01:16:15 by SS4FlameAlchemist

A whole month pretty much went by with hardly any progress. Still trying to work on it though. So... yeah...

I'm still alive.

2010-09-05 18:02:00 by SS4FlameAlchemist

I have been working on and off on Virus Wars Episode 1. I am holding off my other project for now. I am debating whether or not to go back and fix up my other two submissions. both had problems that could easily be corrected, but if I go back to fix the first one, I would just remake it all together... It just wasn't what i wanted it to be at all. But, for now, let's move on. I learned a few new tricks in the production of previous flashes, and I can't wait to incorporate those in Virus Wars. Virus Wars will have voice acting in it with me playing Nightmare X and possibly Axl depending on circumstance. Anyway, enjoy the screenshot. Anyway, yeah... As you notice, something that was pointed out to me that I didn't look at before was that the dashing in the X series had a trail. I have since learned to put in that trail.

I'm still alive.

Misfortune strikes

2010-07-23 14:35:04 by SS4FlameAlchemist

So, i found out yesterday that my computer magically deleted all my work on Virus Wars episode 1. I was working on it, it closed due to error, and deleted the entire file... So... now I have to start from scratch.

I am still in need of a female voice actor. I can get by without, but I'd rather not.

Below is a picture I made of Nightmare X. The head is an edited X head, but the rest was done by me.

Misfortune strikes