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Moving on

2014-02-06 12:45:50 by SS4FlameAlchemist

This has been a long time coming. I've lost my ability to animate because I'm back to my crappy laptop that can't use flash. I've moved out of my dad's house and no longer have access to my brother's computer. The Virus Wars animation is dead. And I don't really plan on doing much else as far as sprite animation, since people hate sprite animations with a passion nowadays. Unless I get a tablet and learn to draw or something, I doubt I'll be animating anymore. It's just far more trouble than it's worth. Sprites are dead, and that's the end of it. Ever since the gamecube era, sprites have been falling further and further.

Good news though. I do plan to continue Virus Wars the comic soon. Once I get the sprites I need, I'm going to be making comics again. I will probably be sprite comicing from now on (I know it's not much better than animation though).

I may at some point try to make a game if I can get my flash working though. But I'm sure that won't be until I have enough money to get a new computer. Which won't be anytime soon.

Here is the link to my profile where I post my sprite comics. VIrus wars is the one I'm trying to concentrate on, but I have plans for other sprite comics soon. Some of which will not be Megaman style.


Most of the authors I've been watching and waiting for stuff are dead now as well, so there's not really much of a reason to stay here anymore. I will keep up with few series that are still alive, but as you might be able to tell in the past, I don't post anything often anymore.

So... Later guys... I doubt I'll ever be an active member here again, but I will be checking now and then for the series I've been following.


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2014-05-02 18:21:50

I'm still here!!!!!! Been extremely busy the past few months but you're the first review I want to see when P4 comes out this month!

SS4FlameAlchemist responds:

I'll be looking forward to it.


2014-11-07 02:41:53

Don't give up. All of us sprite animators must unite and show the new generations how awesome sprite animation can really be.

SS4FlameAlchemist responds:

Yeah. It's great to see you back. But in order to keep doing animations, it's going to require a working version of flash, and I no longer have time anymore to spend on doing animations even if I COULD get flash working.


2015-01-31 15:14:51

Stay around on newgrounds. :3
There will be awesome stuff.
-John Mark

SS4FlameAlchemist responds:

For the most part, everything I follow here has died.


2015-04-26 11:51:01



2015-05-07 05:12:07

Hey men congratulations!, N zero Vs O Zero part 2 is in the megaman collection!, you did it!
Remember me?, i was the one who asked help on a megaman animation a looooooooooooong time ago, i enter the college so, i cant finish the story, what about try animating a tribute to megaman a collab to remember the good old days.
good nite :)!